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Municipal Assistance Program
Municipal Assistance Program
Compliance assistance and regulatory training

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For over 20 years, Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance Resources, Inc. has been successfully providing regulatory compliance solutions and employee training to a host of industries and municipalities.

Headquartered in Dyer, IN (a suburb of Chicago) HS&E provides numerous customers with innovative services to manage their regulatory compliance needs.

HS&E’s outstanding track record for success has made them national leaders in their field. This recognition means that HS&E is frequently called upon by industry, trade associations and other civic bodies to share their wealth of experience and expertise.

The Compliance Assistance Program (CAP), Training Assistance Program (TAP), and Municipal Assistance Program (MAP) are just three examples of core programs that HS&E has developed and implemented at industrial and municipal operations.

HS&E is a leader in Process Safety and Risk Management compliance, utilizing safety professionals that have actually managed these programs at major industrial locations. By conducting hazard assessments and establishing Management of Change and Mechanical Integrity programs including Written Operating and Life Critical Procedures (Hot Work, Permit-Required Confined Space Entry, Lock Out – Tag Out), HS&E is ready to assist with any area of the PSM and RMP standards.

The company is also considered an expert at developing and implementing vulnerability assessments, as well as site and transportation security plans.

Through the use of causal-tree, HS&E has assisted in many accident investigations by utilizing a systematic approach of identifying root-causes and establishing procedures and engineering controls to prevent future incidents.

HS&E is also an expert in DOT Hazardous Material and Motor Carrier Safety Compliance, as it represents a variety of companies which provide the transportation of chemicals and materials.

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